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Rays rip fans

Here’s an example of how the media is used to send mass-messages. Tampa Bay Rays’ third-baseman Evan Longoria and ace David Price came out on Tuesday and ripped into their fans for not supporting their team. Fans, needless to say, didn’t appreciate getting called out by the millionaires that they pay. In turn, the ownership had a solution. Interesting.

3 Responses to “Rays rip fans”

  1.   Matt G. Says:

    I guess I can see where the fans of the Tampa Bay Rays are coming from because the players shouldn’t be upset with fan attendance cause they get paid so much? Wrong, Longoria and Price are all-stars and have helped guide the Rays form being a terrible team to one of the best in the majors. I don’t blame them for wanting the stadium sold out, especially where it was a game that could have clinched their playoff birth. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Rays clinch the AL East Division Title, or the AL East Wild Card. I know if I was down in Tampa I would die to get into that game. Bravo to Longoria and Price for stepping up and putting their fans in line.

  2.   Nate Says:

    They gave away 20,000 tickets to last night’s game. This is inconceivable in New England. Giving away Red Sox tickets, as opposed to paying $35 for obstructed-view right field grandstands? Although I don’t agree that it’s wise to rip on your fan base, but I guess when there’s no fan base to speak of…Interesting. We’ll see what happens in the Playoffs. My guess is The Trop will be packed, and The Rays are going to be tough to beat there.

  3.   Bobby Says:

    I do believe Longoria and Price have a reason to be upset with fan attendance. They go out everyday and play their hardest not only for a pay check but because they love the game and want to give their fans a good game to watch. They can not do this with fans not attending and why would they want to go out and give the fans a good game when they’re not there.

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